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Sales Centric CRM

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  • Laser-accurate opportunity management means more time to sell
  • Achieve double-digit increase in sales with proven, patented sales methodology
  • Stress-free, consistent, and accurate sales forecasting
  • Know what you need to do, and when to do it

The ASPEC Sales Workflow


ASPEC’s graphical and interactive interface simplifies entry of your opportunities. ASPEC then creates a computer model of each unique sales cycle and monitors, guides, and supports you throughout the sales cycle.


ASPEC rates your progress and the buyer’s intentions and calculates an accurate probability of winning – the intrinsic value of the opportunity.  This is your success value, the value of this specific opportunity within your entire pipeline.


Using the model and the intrinsic value, ASPEC automatically assigns a Priority for the opportunity within your pipeline. As you progress and things change, Priorities are updated so you know what is important right now.


You can confidently work the ASPEC prioritized opportunity list from top to bottom, knowing you’re focused where you need to be for success. ASPEC gives you back 20% or more of your workday so you can sell, not type.


ASPEC Expert Analysis lets you check your understanding and activity based on the specific environment for every opportunity, and then offers coaching and guidance on the best practices to use to win that sale.