A different kind of CRM

All CRM apps help you administer sales opportunities. ASPEC, with its patented sales technology, helps you win. Computer-modeled sales cycles, automated probability calculation and pipeline prioritization, interactive and graphical user interface, expert guidance and coaching. The tools you need to win.

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The ASPEC sales workflow.

ASPEC computer models each unique sales cycle and monitors your progress against your best practices.

ASPEC automatically calculates the Probability of winning using both the effectiveness of your selling efforts and the buyer’s intentions and needs.

ASPEC assigns a Priority to each opportunity and keeps your pipeline organized so what’s most important today is on top.

ASPEC’s interactive and graphical interface makes it easy, and the automated features save you time, freeing 20% or more of your workday for selling instead of typing.

ASPEC understands and models the sales process and provides strategic and tactical guidance and direction throughout the sales cycle, improving your chances of winning.

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