ASPEC Sales Methodology

ASPEC, with our patented sales methodology integrated into every product, can deliver double-digit increases in your win ratio. Using ASPEC is dead simple. Understanding how it works is described below.

The Sales Cycle

Each sales opportunity has a sales cycle with a start and an end. Sales cycles are fluid and ASPEC automatically adjusts as change occurs.


Only ASPEC automatically calculates the value of every sales opportunity using both the effectiveness of your selling efforts and the buyer’s intentions and needs.


The Priority for each opportunity is automatically set and updated by ASPEC using the value and the time available to affect the outcome.

Work the List

ASPEC’s interactive and graphical interface makes it easy, and the automated features save you time, adding 20% or more of your workday to selling instead of typing.


ASPEC understands and models the sales process and provides strategic and tactical guidance and direction throughout the sales cycle, improving your chances of winning.

The Sales Cycle

The Sales Cycle

Every opportunity has a sales cycle, and it is a reflection of the corresponding buying cycle that the customer controls. The sales person has to know and understand the sales cycle – when it starts and ends and where you are – if he is to successfully apply the right tactics using the appropriate skills to convince the customer that his solution is the best choice.

That’s easy if you have just one opportunity, one sales cycle to navigate. When you have 10 or 50 or 100, it can become unmanageable. And that is when mistakes happen and things get overlooked and sales are lost.

ASPEC makes sure this doesn’t happen. ASPEC quickly and simply models every sales cycle and segments it into 3 skill phases to mimic the customer’s buying cycle. The model flexes to accommodate change (Things always change!) and you know where you are, what you should be doing, and how much time you have to do it.

Step 1



Put all opportunities into ASPEC using the simple and graphical interface. Then let ASPEC do the grinding day-to-day management of the sales cycle for you, keeping you up-to-date, fully informed, and on-track to a win.



How do you value one sales opportunity against another? By PROBABILITY – the chance that this sale will become yours.

But probability is notoriously difficult to get right. ASPEC calculates probability using the salesperson’s knowledge and insight to systematically evaluate both sides of the selling equation – the customer’s buying cycle and your sales cycle. The result is a consistent and accurate and real-time value assigned to every opportunity.

Step 2


Correctly establishing the Probability of each opportunity, and maintaining it through the evolution of the sales cycle, is critical. Easy and uniform data entry ensures that all opportunities are rated with a consistent, accurate, and reliable probability value.



Which opportunity to work on first? A question that consumes the salesperson’s time, and whose answer is often wrong.

In ASPEC, the question is answered by the program’s analysis of the intrinsic value of the opportunity coupled with the relative amount of time left to affect that. ASPEC uses this information to assign a PRIORITY to each opportunity.

If you’re already the preferred solution, then you don’t need to put this one at the top of your list. Just protect yourself against change or the competition. If you’re behind, you need to use the time you have left to catch up and overtake – put this at the top of your list. And every other possible combination of sales cycle circumstances.

You can now work your list from top to bottom with the confidence that your focused on the right opportunity at the right time to maximize your selling success. ASPEC automatically keeps the list up-to-date, ensures that no time is wasted trying to decide what to work on or on working the wrong opportunity, and encourages appropriate effort across all sales cycles, wherever they stand, to build up the total value of your opportunity portfolio.

Step 3


Knowing which opportunity is important to focus on right now saves time and increases your chances of success. The ASPEC methodology handles this for you, saving time and giving you an up-to-date priority list you can trust, free of bias or error.

Work The List

Working The List

As the sales cycle evolves, the nature of the sale invariably changes and this could affect the probability and the priority at any point in the sales cycle. Salespeople should review their sales opportunity list (portfolio) regularly, and the best time to do it is after every important (critical) interaction with the customer.

ASPEC records change quickly and easily. Re-visit and adjust the three opportunity essentials – will it happen, will we win, and when. That done, ASPEC will automatically re-calibrate your sales cycle, re-calculate your probability, and re-assign your priority.

Step 4


Reviewing and updating the sales opportunity portfolio keeps you knowledgeable and on-track. Doing this after each critical customer interaction keeps you on top of the sales process and gets the best value from the complete opportunity portfolio.



‘Will we win’ and ‘Will it happen’ are the questions ASPEC asks to get the sales person to rate the buyer’s seriousness and the progress toward a win. The answers should encompass every aspect of the sales environment, from budgets to need to competition to relationships, and every other factor that could affect your win.

But do they? How do you know you didn’t overlook something? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a partner who knows everything about the sales process and each opportunity, and makes sure you’re on-track? That’s advisor Expert.

Keeping things simple, Expert runs you through a “quiz” to remind you of all the assessments you need to make, record them on the fly, and then provides feedback on where you stand, including its own Probability and Priority values, and what you should consider doing to improve your position. Turn it on when you need it. Turn it off when you don’t.

Step 5


Sales is dynamic and things always change, and you need to change with them. Keeping close track of all the elements of all your opportunities can overwhelm your day and lead to mistakes. ASPEC Expert assures you think about all the factors affecting your success and points you in the direction of a win.

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