Sales-centric apps for CRM and sales automation.

Automated Sales Process Engine for the Computer. Think about that for a moment. Computer modeling and monitoring of your sales cycles to give you a huge competitive advantage. Sell better. Sell faster. Sell more.

The final installment in the 5-part e-book edition of Sales Automation Done Right presents the conclusions resulting from this rigorous examination of sales automation. And that conclusion? Effectiveness is the key – selling better against well-armed competition.

This E-Book, The Technology of Sales Automation, explains how it is possible to get proactive and valuable assistance from a computer that has been programmed with basic information about how sales transactions progress and evolve through the sales cycle. Download

This part is called “Understanding the Opportunity,” and it’s predominantly sales methodology. It represents a third of Sales Automation Done Right, and if you are in any way involved in applying technology to your selling environment, you should find it interesting, and maybe controversial.