Putting SALES back in Salesforce

Patented ASPEC sales technology right in your Salesforce interface, saving time and boosting your wins. Focus on the best opportunities, spend your time selling, not searching, and always know what to do, when to do it, and what selling skills to use to get that win.

How does your sales team decide which opportunity to work on? And when they do, are they right? ASPEC does the grueling research and planning for them, constantly analyzing every opportunity in the Salesforce list so they don’t have to. ASPEC places an accurate intrinsic value on each one and updates it as the sales cycle progresses. It uses that value and the ASPEC computer model of the opportunity to set a priority, and then organizes the entire list so what’s most important is on top, every day, every time.

ASPEC for Salesforce focuses your sales team on one goal – increasing your sales. The patented computer modeling and intelligent analysis of your opportunities uses a graphical and interactive interface to guide you along the way so nothing gets forgotten. The Expert function takes you by the hand and dives deeper into the opportunity, questioning everything to be sure you’ve got it right and are on-track to win.

Sales Features

Customer Relationship Management starts with customers, and sales is the vehicle for accumulating those customers. ASPEC offers unique, patented sales technology – a methodology and workflow designed to win more sales.

Patented ASPEC Sales Opportunity Management

ASPEC – the Automated Sales Process Engine for the Computer

ASPEC is the only sales methodology developed specifically to apply modern computer modeling technology and cybernetics to the science of selling, giving you the time and knowledge to practice the art. The ASPEC methodology is built around a simple workflow that guides you through the complete sales cycle. Using a computer model of each individual sales opportunity and your knowledge of the sales environment, ASPEC automatically calculates a Probability value, assigns a Priority among all of your opportunities, organizes your pipeline so you’re always focused where you need to be, and assures that you always know where you are and what needs to be done for success.

Consistent Sales Workflow

ASPEC guides you through a 5-step workflow to guarantee consistent sales success. The interactive, graphical interface makes data entry and review simple and quick, and the patented ASPEC sales methodology saves 20% or more of your workday so you spend more time with customers rather than keyboards.

Put all opportunities into ASPEC using the simple and graphical interface. Then let ASPEC do the grinding day-to-day management of the sales cycle for you, keeping you up-to-date, fully informed, and on-track to a win.
ASPEC analyzes the opportunity and calculates an Intrinsic Value using an assessment of both your sales cycle progress, and the customer’s buying cycle process. The Intrinsic Value is updated with each customer interaction so it is always current and accurate.
Knowing which opportunity is important to focus on right now saves time and increases your chances of success. The ASPEC sales technology handles this for you, eliminating tedious pipeline review and the guesswork of which one to focus on. Saves you 20 to 30% of your work day!
Your prioritized list can now be worked efficiently and effectively. ASPEC displays critical information in an informative and interactive graphical interface so you’re knowledgeable and on-track, and always on top of the sales process for every one of your opportunities.
Sales is dynamic and things always change. You need to know when they do and change with them. Keeping track of all the elements of all your opportunities can overwhelm your day and lead to mistakes. ASPEC Expert guides you through the sales cycle and points you in the direction of a win.

Computer Modeled Sales Cycle

ASPEC creates a computer model of each individual sales cycle based on three skills-based phases – Probe, Prove, and Close. Using the specific opportunity information, the model keeps you focused the appropriate selling strategies and tactics, and automatically updates and adjusts the opportunity based on any change, including user input, sales cycle length, or simply the passage of time. The model also escalates the priority of the opportunity based on selling progress so nothing gets overlooked.

Automatic Probability Calculation

With two simple multiple-choice questions, ASPEC uses the knowledge of the sales rep to rate both his selling progress and the buyer’s intentions, and then to calculate an accurate and consistent probability of winning. This is the intrinsic value of the opportunity; that is, the value to the salesperson of this specific opportunity within the entire portfolio of open opportunities. It is not a dollar value, it is a success value.

Automatic Sales Funnel Prioritization

Once ASPEC fixes the current position in the sales cycle (with the relative time remaining) and calculates the intrinsic value of any opportunity, it then can set a Priority relative to all the other open opportunities and their positions and intrinsic values. In this way, ASPEC organizes the entire opportunity portfolio by its current Priority so sales reps can confidently work from top to bottom, knowing they are focused on the opportunity that is most important right now. ASPEC does this constantly and automatically so the list is always current, and opportunities are escalated to the top as time and action warrant.

Consistent and Accurate Forecasts

Accurate and consistent forecasts can be created using ASPEC superior probability calculation. Probabilities are automatically calculated and updated based on the Salesforce information and user knowledge of the current status of the customer’s intentions and your selling efforts.

Forecast data is exported to Excel or other programs with one click, and available or custom templates can be used to achieve whatever form and content you require.

Built-in Expert Sales Coach

With ASPEC, you’ll always know where you are and where you’re going, and where you want to be. ASPEC Expert knows, too, and it will help get you there, studying the sales environment right alongside you and offering real-world guidance. Expert dives deep into any opportunity you select and challenges you to think through all the elements of the sale, automatically setting probabilities and calculating priorities that are verifiably accurate and consistent.