Patented ASPEC Sales Technology

ASPEC is the first and only sales methodology developed specifically to use the full power of modern smart devices to actually help you sell.

  • ASPEC models each sales cycle and works through it with you.
  • ASPEC assures you are using the appropriate strategies and tactics at every point.
  • ASPEC offers opportunity-specific guidance based on your own processes.
  • ASPEC constantly assesses, calculates, and displays your probability of winning.
  • ASPEC organizes your pipeline to focus on what’s important today for sales success.

The right app for sales success in every situation

Whatever your needs, ASPEC has a sales-centric app for you.

  • ASPEC SF: put sales back in Salesforce.
  • ASPEC OM: add opportunity management to your existing system.
  • ASPEC CRM: linked and loaded marketing, sales, and customer support.

Simple, fun, effective CRM that users will use

User adoption is the single biggest problem with CRM apps, and the sales staff almost always leads the rebellion. Over 80% of ASPEC customers report very favorable user adoption.

  • High benefit / low cost: you get more out than you put in.
  • Simple and quick data entry.
  • Graphical and interactive interface for instant comprehension.
  • Real sales support = more wins.
  • 20% to 30% time savings over other CRM apps.

We wrote the book on sales automation

Sales Automation Done Right

Sales Automation Done Right: Selling in the Digital Age, a thorough and professional look at modern sales techniques and technologies.

  • Available on Amazon and other on-line retailers and as a download at the SalesWays HUB.
  • In use in graduate and undergraduate university sales courses.
  • Examines the sales process and identifies its universal elements.
  • Shows how the computer can be taught the science of selling so you can practice the art.