Sales-centric apps for CRM and sales automation.



Part 1 – Technology and Sales
Part 1 talks generally about SFA, what it is and how it relates to CRM. It discusses the impact of
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Part 2 – The Core Competencies
Part 2 discusses the topics of territory, account, contact and sales cycle management. When I wrote this material I was
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Part 3 – Understanding the Sales Opportunity
This part is called “Understanding the Opportunity,” and it’s predominantly sales methodology. It represents a third of Sales Automation Done
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Part 4 – The Technology of Sales Automation
This E-Book, The Technology of Sales Automation, explains how it is possible to get proactive and valuable assistance from a
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Part 5 – Conclusions
The final installment in the 5-part e-book edition of Sales Automation Done Right presents the conclusions resulting from this rigorous
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CRM IMPLEMENTATION Getting it right first time
CRM implementation is one of the most difficult and important projects a company can undertake. CRM touches every part of
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