Sales-centric Customer Relationship Management

Built from the ground up to help salespeople sell more with patented sales-centric design and technology. Only ASPEC CRM incorporates patented sales technology with the four cornerstones of sales – Contacts, Accounts, Territory, and the Sales Cycle – for effective use and constant reinforcement of best-practice selling.

The customer relationship starts with having a customer, and that means selling is a core competency if you’re going to succeed. ASPEC’s patented sales technology will win more sales.

ASPEC CRM is a fully-featured CRM system with complete marketing, sales, and customer support modules so your customer information flows seamlessly through every stage, and everyone is aware of the information they need to provide a superior customer experience.

  • ASPEC builds a computer model of each individual sale and measures progress and provides guidance based on each unique sales environment.
  • ASPEC analyzes every opportunity and calculates a consistent and accurate probability of winning so you know the intrinsic value and your forecasts are valid.
  • ASPEC uses the computer model and intrinsic value to set a priority for every opportunity, organizing your pipeline for maximum success.
  • ASPEC saves your sales team 20 to 30% of their time over other CRM systems so they can do more selling. It’s like getting two extra hours every day.

Sales Features

Customer Relationship Management starts with customers, and sales is the vehicle for accumulating those customers. ASPEC offers unique, patented sales technology – a methodology and workflow designed to win more sales.

Patented ASPEC Sales Opportunity Management

ASPEC – the Automated Sales Process Engine for the Computer

ASPEC is the only sales methodology developed specifically to apply modern computer modeling technology and cybernetics to the science of selling, giving you the time and knowledge to practice the art. The ASPEC methodology is built around a simple workflow that guides you through the complete sales cycle. Using a computer model of each individual sales opportunity and your knowledge of the sales environment, ASPEC automatically calculates a Probability value, assigns a Priority among all of your opportunities, organizes your pipeline so you’re always focused where you need to be, and assures that you always know where you are and what needs to be done for success.

Consistent Sales Workflow

ASPEC guides you through a 5-step workflow to guarantee consistent sales success. The interactive, graphical interface makes data entry and review simple and quick, and the patented ASPEC sales methodology saves 20% or more of your workday so you spend more time with customers rather than keyboards.

Put all opportunities into ASPEC using the simple and graphical interface. Then let ASPEC do the grinding day-to-day management of the sales cycle for you, keeping you up-to-date, fully informed, and on-track to a win.
ASPEC analyzes the opportunity and calculates an Intrinsic Value using an assessment of both your sales cycle progress, and the customer’s buying cycle process. The Intrinsic Value is updated with each customer interaction so it is always current and accurate.
Knowing which opportunity is important to focus on right now saves time and increases your chances of success. The ASPEC sales technology handles this for you, eliminating tedious pipeline review and the guesswork of which one to focus on. Saves you 20 to 30% of your work day!
Your prioritized list can now be worked efficiently and effectively. ASPEC displays critical information in an informative and interactive graphical interface so you’re knowledgeable and on-track, and always on top of the sales process for every one of your opportunities.
Sales is dynamic and things always change. You need to know when they do and change with them. Keeping track of all the elements of all your opportunities can overwhelm your day and lead to mistakes. ASPEC Expert guides you through the sales cycle and points you in the direction of a win.

Computer Modeled Sales Cycle

ASPEC creates a computer model of each individual sales cycle based on three skills-based phases – Probe, Prove, and Close. Using the specific opportunity information, the model keeps you focused the appropriate selling strategies and tactics, and automatically updates and adjusts the opportunity based on any change, including user input, sales cycle length, or simply the passage of time. The model also escalates the priority of the opportunity based on selling progress so nothing gets overlooked.

Automatic Probability Calculation

With two simple multiple-choice questions, ASPEC uses the knowledge of the sales rep to rate both his selling progress and the buyer’s intentions, and then to calculate an accurate and consistent probability of winning. This is the intrinsic value of the opportunity; that is, the value to the salesperson of this specific opportunity within the entire portfolio of open opportunities. It is not a dollar value, it is a success value.

Automatic Sales Funnel Prioritization

Once ASPEC fixes the current position in the sales cycle (with the relative time remaining) and calculates the intrinsic value of any opportunity, it then can set a Priority relative to all the other open opportunities and their positions and intrinsic values. In this way, ASPEC organizes the entire opportunity portfolio by its current Priority so sales reps can confidently work from top to bottom, knowing they are focused on the opportunity that is most important right now. ASPEC does this constantly and automatically so the list is always current, and opportunities are escalated to the top as time and action warrant.

Up-to-Date, Consistent, and Accurate Forecasts

Accurate and consistent forecasts are created on-the-fly. Probabilities are automatically calculated and updated based on the current status of the customer’s intentions and your selling efforts.

Forecasts can be structured and formatted in almost any way. Pick the type of forecast and the date range you want to include, filter your opportunities any way you want, select a graph type and its done. Save the configuration so your forecasts are instantly available. You can segment your list by month, quarter, or year, and export to most formats.

Built-in Expert Sales Coach

With ASPEC, you’ll always know where you are and where you’re going, and where you want to be. ASPEC Expert knows, too, and it will help get you there, studying the sales environment right alongside you and offering real-world guidance. Expert dives deep into any opportunity you select and challenges you to think through all the elements of the sale, automatically setting probabilities and calculating priorities that are verifiably accurate and consistent.

Sales Quotes

Using your price lists, product descriptions, and account and contact information, sales quotes can be automatically created and saved. When you’re ready to send, just open the appropriate MS Word template from your library of templates and click. The Word document is automatically created and ready for review, revision, and sending.

You can include an approval workflow so quotes pass to each responsible person for approval before sending. Quote revisions are identified and tracked so you have a complete history of the transaction.

Team Selling

Easily create and adapt your sales teams to each opportunity. Team members can get notified of any changes to the opportunity, with configurable access roles. Perfect for team selling and sharing information with other people and groups in the organization.

Marketing Features

Marketing is the patron of selling, the source of its livelihood. The smooth functioning of marketing campaigns and the effortless transition of marketing leads to sales opportunities promotes success.

Lead Management

From Campaign and Event design and creation right through conversion to a qualified sales opportunity, ASPEC manages Leads through workflow. As Leads are generated by Campaigns or imported from other sources, ASPEC tracks and moves the Lead through any marketing interactions from initial validation to entry into the database to qualification as an opportunity.

Leads are tagged by their source Event so you can always track both the Event and the Account. They are automatically distributed for follow-up by the appropriate resource. Lead interactions are categorized as marketing-focused for versatile search, display, and reporting purposes. Leads are closed either as Qualified Sales Opportunities or as Closed Leads, and saved for future reference and analytics.

Campaign Management

Create, manage, measure, and rate marketing Campaigns of any type including blast emails, advertising trade shows, and any other. Set, schedule, and implement individual events in the Campaign. Tag resulting leads and create follow-up lists to qualify them before moving them to the database.

Categorize any interaction as marketing-focused to differentiate from sales- or relationship-focused interactions.

Create Collections, subsets of your customer list, by setting any criteria and re-use for specific campaigns such as product launches or regional advertising. Lock the Collection or leave it open for new targets as they are created and meet the Collection criteria.

Event Management

Each Campaign can have an unlimited number of Events, and Leads and Contacts are all associated with the Event so you know where they were sourced, and how effective that event was in meeting your goals. Event descriptions include the name, the type of event, its status, and start and end dates. Targeted contacts can be selected from the complete database or saved Contact collections, and attached to the event.

Follow-up Lists

Each Event can be tagged to automatically create a specific Follow-up List of all responses. Follow-up Lists can both measure the Event success and assure timely follow-up of a targeted list of potential customers interested in the theme of your Campaign and Event. The Follow-up List is an integral part of a workflow to manage lead generation from Campaign inception through conversion to a sales opportunity.

Custom Contact Collections

Collections are subsets of the contact database created through the powerful ASPEC filter feature. Any fields can be used, including custom fields, to define the criteria for inclusion in the Collection. Unlimited numbers of Collections can be created and re-used as appropriate. Collections can also be locked as static or set to allow to entries as the database expands and new contacts meet the Collection criteria.

Marketing-focused Interactions

Interactions can be designated as marketing-focused for filtering during searches, and for selecting the Interactions to be displayed on any Contact, Account, or IBO record. This reduces clutter and allows different functional groups to see only what is important to their work.

Service Features

Repeat customers are the lifeblood of any thriving business. Ask customers what keeps them buying again and again, and many will say “top notch service.” More than price, features – even product quality – excellent and attentive service helps ensure customer loyalty. ASPEC Service lets you create, manage, and analyze all of your after-sales support and service.

Device History

ASPEC maintains a complete database of every product or service (device) including its ownership and service history. Use the won opportunities to create a device record linked to the customer account recording the device purchased. The device record includes product categories and models, serial numbers, details of the device purchase, delivery, and ownership, complete billing information such as warranty and service contract agreements, and a complete log of all service requests and work.

Service Requests

Every Service Request gets a unique record including all trouble-ticket information regarding the problem, cost, and resolution. Service histories are linked to the customer and to the specific device so you have a complete record of every activity associated with them. Information gathered and stored includes the problem summary and detail, device type and history, and all relevant request details. Service requests are the source of optional technical assessments of the problem and assignment of service activity and schedule.

Service Orders

Service activity is tracked through internal Service Orders recording all resolution steps and results, and billing information including those covered by Warranty and Service Contracts. All time and expenses are recorded for billing and reporting.

Warranty & Service Contract Tracking

ASPEC includes the ability to track the cost and price of service and support for warranty and service contract purposes. Billing Phases record the start, duration, and expiration of any contracted support. This information is included on the device record and any service interactions and linked to Service Requests and Orders for review and documentation.

Service Widgets

Over time, a complete service history for every product and user group will accumulate. This information is readily available to the service team and others to assist customers and for full awareness in any customer interaction. Filters on the widget allow viewing Service Requests by Status. Users click Service Request to see the Service activities related to that ticket.

Other Features

The strength of CRM is its ability to connect all the elements of the customer relationship in a seamless, consistent process. Many ASPEC features apply to all of the modules and functionality of the app and much of the data

Customer information - Available Anytime, Anywhere, Any device

Knowing all there is to know about the customer and your sales opportunity is what CRM is all about, and your ASPEC customer information is accessible anytime, anywhere, and it can immediately be shared between devices. ASPEC’s responsive design makes viewing data on smaller screens clear and easy. Easily enter critical customer information in ASPEC from wherever you are and see it on any device from any point in the application with just two clicks.

Informative and Interactive Graphical Interface

CRM user adoption depends on one thing only – give the user back more than they invest. Favorable cost/benefit. ASPEC’s simple and informative user interface makes use a breeze. Fun, even, with the interactive ASPEC IBO Analysis that lets you game-play different scenarios and test your knowledge against ASPEC Expert.

Easy navigation and all relevant Information on any one page makes review and comprehension virtually instantaneous.

Configurable fields and page layouts

Create and configure a virtually unlimited number of user-defined fields, then set them up in page layouts that meet your needs and track the data that fits your business requirements. Select which fields are required to capture the information that you must have.

Custom fields can be set as text, text area, numeric, defined lookup, custom lookup, formula, or date.

Reports and Analytics

ASPEC Analytics monitors your current selling statistics, and clearly displays them on your Dashboard. Check where your opportunities stand, know the health of your complete portfolio, and see your forecast.

You can create custom reports to analyze performance and business metrics, diagnose potential issues, or for any other need. Use the available templates or define your own and save it for future use. Run the reports manually or on a schedule. Keep them to yourself or automatically email them to any other users. The versatile filter capability lets you use the data in any field on any page, even custom fields you’ve created.

Multi-level Account Structure

Accounts can be organized any way you want with unlimited levels. Show the customer’s actual organization from a headquarters to regional offices to individual departments and even individual buildings at a customer campus. Organize accounts by region to show territory responsibilities. All information rolls up so you can see the value of the entire account or region and any of the sub-accounts. Data security makes sure only authorized users see the data at every level.

Enterprise Hierarchy Support

Organize your resources to share information in functional groups, departments, regional offices, specialities, or any category you want. Data sharing is automatic and sensitive information protected from unauthorized users.

MS Word, Excel, and Outlook Integration

ASPEC is integrated with the major MS productivity programs.

MS Word. Create Word templates with bookmarked fields and export pre-set information. Automatically create ready-to-send quotes or any other document. Save the templates and repeat the export as necessary.

MS Excel. Select how you want the data displayed in Excel, filter to export only the data you need, and click.

MS Outlook. Schedule Appointments or Tasks and link them to any Accounts, Contacts or other records. Review them in ASPEC – all at once or on Account or Contact — or in Microsoft Outlook, using Outlook interface. Copy Emails from MS Outlook to ASPEC with one click.

Powerful, Easy to use Filtering

Quickly and easily access the data you need. Analyze your data, discover patterns by filtering on virtually any item entered in ASPEC, including user-defined fields. Be more efficient by saving often used search criteria.

Easy Imports and Export

Import data from any source using a CSV file. Simply select the fields you want to refresh, add the new data, and go. You can set up specific overwrite conditions and assure data integrity.

Export any reports, lists and graphs in CSV, DOC, XLS, HTML, PDF, JPG, PNG, and SVG formats. Just select the export information and click. Create mailing labels lists, phone numbers, contact reports, or any other form you want to save or print.

Automated and ad-hoc Notifications

Notifications can be created and sent manually or automatically as appropriate. The sales team will always be alerted to any changes in their opportunities, new leads, impending due dates or closing dates, or other information requiring action.

Google Maps Integration

Quickly locate any account in Google Maps by clicking on the location button. Use ASPEC and Google Maps to plan trips and daily call routes, search for other customers nearby, print your directions, and any other map functions to speed your work.