About SalesWays Corp.

SalesWays is the source for advanced thinking in sales methodology, in mobile and Cloud apps for sales productivity, in innovative sales training and coaching, and in resources for sales knowledge and community.

We are a company focused on selling and the sales profession. Everything we do is about sales.

SalesWays is techniques and technology for sales.


SalesWays was launched in October of 2005 to commercialize the patented sales methodology known as ASPEC, the Automated Sales Engine for the Computer, through apps for mobile and desktop devices, and in a unique sales training program called Opportunity Portfolio Management. Over the years, SalesWays apps have been downloaded by tens of thousands of users on everything from the original Palm Pilot to MS Excel.


Today, SalesWays offers the ASPEC methodology in a variety of Cloud-based apps under the ASPEC brand. These apps are in everyday use by thousands of individuals and companies around the world, from solo sales professionals to global multi-nationals with complex sales organizations. SalesWays offers apps for every commercial need, including

  • native apps for solo users on an iPhone;
  • add-ins for Salesforce CRM;
  • sales opportunity management for use with other CRM and ERP programs; and
  • full CRM including marketing, sales, and service capabilities.

SalesWays’ Opportunity Portfolio Management (OPM) is a system for installing order and organization within the opportunity portfolio to gain the highest possible return. OPM teaches how to recognize and control the dynamics of the sales cycle in order always apply the appropriate sales skills, to set accurate probabilities and dependable priorities, and to organize and work the portfolio in the most effective order.

SalesWays has created and maintains The HUB, a professional sales content site with articles on every aspect of professional sales from business and sales leaders around the world.


The goal of SalesWays is to make the unique ASPEC technology available on every device for every sales professional, regardless of their choice of CRM or other software.


The ASPEC methodology and the technology to apply it through modern smart devices was developed over a decade of design, testing, revision, and application by sales professionals and able software developers. The ASPEC method is recognized and protected by four patents covering its unique ability to computer model every sales cycle, to identify and apply the appropriate sales skills at every phase of the cycle, to automatically and accurately calculate an intrinsic success value for each opportunity, to establish a relative priority for all opportunities in the portfolio, to organize the opportunities for the most effective action, to analyze progress towards a win, and to coach the sales person in the necessary skills and tactics to achieve that win.


From its beginnings with simple opportunity management apps for mobile and desktop devices, the SalesWays team has been developing CRM and sales automation systems that are in use today by thousands of sales professionals and sales teams.