Patented Sales Opportunity Management (JR, OM, SF, CRM)

If your CRM is not working for sales, the chances are that it won’t work at all. Salespeople know what they want. They are looking for solutions that will help them sell.

ASPEC means something:

Automated: Enter some simple information when you create an opportunity and updated after each critical interaction with the customer

Sales Process: ASPEC divides the sales cycle into logical phases following the customers buying process and calculates the probability of winning the sale along with the priority you should give the opportunity

Engine: ASPEC divides the sales cycle into logical phases following the customers buying process and calculates the probability of winning the sale along with the priority you should give the opportunity

Computer: ASPEC is designed from the ground up for sales methodology that works in harmony with computers. To do that the computer has to understand the sales process being used. ASPEC makes that happen!

Universally accessible Customer information. Available Anytime, Anywhere

Knowing all there is to know about the customer is what CRM is all about. Enter critical customer information from wherever you are in ASPEC. And if you need to see customer history from any point in the application you can do that with just two clicks. Without this easy of entering and retrieving archival customer data, CRM will probably not work.

ASPEC is a SaaS application, so your customer information is accessible anytime, anywhere, and it can immediately be shared between laptops and mobile devices.  ASPEC is responsive, so viewing data on smaller screens does not limit functionality.

Easy mass imports and data updates

Intuitive imports of new data and updates of the existing records.

Configurable fields and page layouts

Configure virtually unlimited number of user-defined fields and define page layouts to track data that fits your business to ensure a higher chance of generating sales

Select which fields – standard and custom – are required to capture metrics that make sense to you.

Easy to use but powerful Search Filter

Quickly and easily access the data you need.  Analyze your data, discover patterns by filtering on virtually any item entered in ASPEC, including user-defined fields.  Be more efficient by saving often used search criteria.

Built-in Expert Sales Coach

With ASPEC, you’ll always know where you are and where you’re going, and where you want to be. ASPEC Expert knows, too, and it will help get you there, studying the sales environment right alongside you and offering real-world guidance.

Up to Date and Accurate Forecasts

Opportunities are automatically assigned probabilities based on the current status of the customer’s intentions and your selling efforts. Accurate and consistent forecasts are created on-the-fly with this latest information.

Reports and Analytics

Know your current selling statistics, clearly displayed on your Home Dashboard. See where your opportunities stand, know the health of your complete portfolio and see your forecast.

Use reports to analyze sales performance and business metrics, and diagnose potential issues.   Define the report data and format.  Run and distribute reports on schedule or instantaneously when you need them.

Efficient User Interface

Increase adoption by giving your reps easy navigation and all relevant Information on one page so they won’t miss a bit.   See Contacts linked to the Account, all Opportunities, Leads and Interaction History.

One click opens related records.

Emailing and Calendaring integrated with MS Outlook

Schedule Appointments or Tasks and link them to an Accounts, Contacts or any other records.

Review them in ASPEC – all at once or on Account or Contact — or in Microsoft Outlook, using Outlook interface that you are familiar with.

Copy Emails from MS Outlook to ASPEC with one click.

Automated and ad-hoc Notifications

Never be unaware of a new Lead or imminent Overdue Opportunity or miss any changes to any or your Opportunities.

Unique multi-level account structure

You can set up account groups for billing purposes, products specification and service.

Enterprise Hierarchy Support

Organize your resources to share information in groups, departments, regional offices, function, or any category you want. Data sharing is automatic and sensitive information protected from unauthorized users.

Team Selling

Easily create and adapt your sales teams to each opportunity. Team members can get notified of any changes to the opportunity, with configurable access roles. Perfect for team selling, or other people in the organization.

Lead Management

Set a successful pre-sales and sales process. Automate lead distribution and qualification. Track the entire Lead-to-Close process.

Campaign Management and Follow-up Lists

Create Marketing Campaign and Call Lists for follow-up interactions.

Sales Quotes integrated with MS Word Quote templates

Create price quotes and link those quotes to accounts, contacts or opportunities. These price quote allow sales representatives to easily and efficiently provide customers with quick quotes for pricing and availability – from anywhere, anytime.

Track all Quote revisions.

Service module

Repeat customers are the lifeblood of any thriving business. Ask customers what keeps them buying again and again, and many will say “top notch service.” More than price, features – even product quality – excellent and attentive service helps ensure customer loyalty.

Create a new CARE Request every time a customer asks for help. Over time, you’ll accumulate a complete service history for every product and user group. Having this information readily available will make it easier for your service team to assist customers. Ardexus SERVICE allows you to track CARE Requests by user, product, status, territory, priority and more.