ASPEC is an acronym for the Automated Sales Process Engine for the Computer.

ASPEC is a patented technology that uses the universal sales process of Probing for information, Proving your solution is the best, and Closing the sale.

Through computer modeling and analysis of individual sales cycles, ASPEC calculates the Probability the sale will be won using the progress and status of both the seller’s sales cycle and the customer’s buying cycle. Consistency and accuracy is achieved through a repeatable process that improves forecasting.

ASPEC uses this probability and factors in time to assign a Priority to each sales opportunity. The complete portfolio of open sales opportunities is organized into five Priority categories, allowing the sales person to know immediately which opportunities are most important today.

Within each category, the opportunities can be sorted by any criteria and the sales person can confidently work from top to bottom for the best overall results.

Through this automated analysis and organization of the opportunity portfolio, ASPEC saves about 20% to 30% of the work day for actual selling.  

ASPEC computer analysis and modeling can also dig deeper into any specific opportunity and provide Expert guidance and support to improve the probability of a win.

The ASPEC technology is built into all SalesWays products and services and has been proven to win more sales by thousands of users worldwide, from individuals on their iPhones to global Fortune companies with complex sales organizations and teams. Apps are available for every circumstance and need.

ASPEC SF – Patented ASPEC sales technology right in your Salesforce interface, saving time and boosting your wins. Focus on the best opportunities, spend your time selling, not searching, and always know what to do, when to do it, and what selling skills to use to get that win.

ASPEC OM – Link the opportunity management advantages of ASPEC to your ERP or CRM systems to get the competitive advantages of the ASPEC sales technology. At the core of every ASPEC app is the patented ASPEC sales technology. ASPEC OM is that core, free-standing and ready to run alongside your ERP or CRM.

ASPEC CRM – Built from the ground up to help salespeople sell more with patented sales-centric design and technology. Only ASPEC CRM incorporates patented sales technology with the four cornerstones of sales – Contacts, Accounts, Territory, and the Sales Cycle – for effective use and constant reinforcement of best-practice selling.