What’s With The Gears?

You’ve noticed a theme to all of our background images – gears. You might ask what happened to pictures of professional office workers hunched over computers and coffee. To smiling people rushing here and there. To conference rooms, tall buildings, airports and all the other images that connote business on-the-fly.

We don’t use them. We try not to do what everyone else is doing. And we try to make all of our website, even those background images, specifically relevant to what we do. And no, we do not make gears.

What we have invented and patented and commercialized is a sales engine. The Automated Sales Process Engine for the Computer. ASPEC. And our image is the application of the power that engine produces, transferred into useful action by gears. In our case, the useful action of a proven sales workflow that will win you more sales.

And the beauty of an engine is that you don’t have to stand there and crank it. Get on a plane and fly across the country and the engine is running in the Cloud, keeping all of your sales cycles up to date, calculating new probabilities of winning each and every sale, re-organizing your portfolio so the most important opportunities are always at the top of your list. When you land, or wake up, or sit down for a meeting of your team, everything is current, and so are you.