You’ve may have noticed a strange little link in the banners on our Home page with the same title as this post. It takes you to a short explanation of why we use gears as the background image in the web site. Gears? In a CRM web site?

Yes, gears. And the story behind that choice bears a little more explanation.

Gears are there to symbolize the power of technology. Gears, because they are the link between the power of any engine and the work that gets done. No gears, no result except noise.

ASPEC is the engine. The ASPEC apps are the gears. You are the operator. The resulting product (sales orders) relies on the engine running well, and your use of the gears in the most productive way.

ASPEC is a patented sales engine: The Automated Sales Process Engine for the Computer. We built the engine to run well, and if you use it well, the result will be more sales. How can we be so sure?

The ASPEC engine is powered by a workflow: Collect; Value; Prioritize; Work; Question.

Collect your sales opportunities in a trusted system. ASPEC provides a system where they are safe from neglect, available for action, and documented for comprehension.

Calculate the Value of the opportunity to you. Using the factors of the time available and the probability of a successful result from using that time, ASPEC calculates and updates a consistent and accurate value for each opportunity.

Prioritize your opportunities for action based on Value. ASPEC groups all of your opportunities in five manageable categories, each sortable by any criteria you want, according to their Value. Priority is automatically updated as time passes and new information available.

Work the opportunities using the appropriate skills and tactics. Start with the highest priority category and work each opportunity according to its current circumstances. Then move to the next level. ASPEC constantly refreshes your Priority list based on change in time and Value.

Question the essential elements of every opportunity and your progress toward a win. Review and reassess the value whenever you acquire new information. ASPEC will automatically escalate the Priority to account for time, so check the probability after every customer interaction. When necessary, dive deep into the opportunity and use ASPEC’s Expert function to validate your assessments.

It’s pretty simple when you break it down this way. And ASPEC supports you every step of the way, monitoring progress, offering guidance, highlighting the skills necessary at any moment, and prompting you for action.

The benefit of all of this patented automation is to save you time, and to focus you on the opportunities that are most likely to bring you success as you use that time.