The ASPEC team is proud to announce that a reputable B2B software directory FinancesOnline has recently recognized the capabilities of our sales-centric CRM platform for enhancing and streamlining sales processes. To recognize us for our achievements, their team of software experts honored our software with prestigious awards in two categories, namely, the Great User Experience and Rising Star for 2018.

FinancesOnline grants its Great User Experience award to software products that provide great usability and effectively simplify one’s workflows, thus, allowing users to easily facilitate their day-to-day tasks. In the case of ASPEC, FinancesOnline’s experts said that our platform – can effortlessly mesh with your existing CRM and help you design and execute sales method that is consistent, reliable, and productive. In addition, their experts found ASPEC highly transparent for sales teams as it centralizes all information on a single location, allowing users to easily work individually or in collaboration with their team.

Similarly, FinancesOnline grants its Rising Star award to software solutions that have garnered positive user feedback and are viewed as a reliable platform by clients. This award is a testament that ASPEC is one of the top sales automation software on the market thanks to our sales-centric approach. FinancesOnline found our software revolutionary for automatically equipping sales teams with “highly relevant information” to effectively evaluate and assess each sales opportunity. “Using a unique and simple algorithm, you will be able to see which opportunities will be fruitful and which are likely bad deals,” wrote FinancesOnline. “All these calculations are done with minimal user input.”

FinancesOnline concludes that ASPEC allows sales teams to confidently work on respective tasks and know which deals require attention, focus, and priority.

This ASPEC Review can be found on FinancesOnline.