We have been working hard to improve ASPEC to deliver the most value to our customers. From small tweaks to the interface to bigger functionality that helps users get the job done easier and faster. We understand the importance of efficient, consistent opportunity management and do our best to apply this philosophy throughout ASPEC. Here is but a small glimpse at what’s new with ASPEC.

Streamline what is shown in ASPEC

It is easy to add Custom Fields and Custom Field sections to any form in ASPEC.  We keep adding features to cover your needs while keeping the ASPEC configuration simple.

More Custom Field types

Currently, you can choose from 2 types of numeric fields, date, standard and custom lookups, “bar” fields, 2 types of text fields, formula and rating.  ASPEC supports multivalued checkbox and default values, Read-only fields with a default value can serve as additional instructions.  The most recent addition is a search box for large custom fields. 

Custom Field Workflows

We added workflows to all ASPEC forms.  Now the forms show custom values or whole custom sections only if it makes sense, as configured by your ASPEC Administrator.

Configure your listview columns

Individual users can set up columns in each listview, so everybody sees their own version of the view.   Users can pick what columns to include in the view.

Be aware when you are searching

Filters are robust and reusable, but often a Quick Search will do.   By the way, they work together, so many users enabled these 2 varieties at once.  For the ease of the use, we added a visual indication for each of them.

View all Interactions and Calendar on IBO Sales Cycle

You don’t want to miss a scheduled activity.  Synced Calendars are one option to keep track of your appointments. Viewing the list of appointments in the Interactions box is another. 

We added the ability to quickly glance over at what’s been planned.  Sales Cycle Graph now displays not only the performed activities but also the ones that are scheduled.

Drag and drop Account Structures

We’ve seen Accounts with hundreds of Sub-Accounts:  Corporate and Regional Offices, Site, Departments, other facilities, subsidiaries, etc.  ASPEC displays this structure on each Account page.   You can mark some of these Sub-Accounts with a special flag like “Billing Account”.

Sometimes makes sense to place certain Sub-Accounts – like Headquarters – at the top of the tree level. 

For example, to move Corporate Headquarters to the top, edit this Sub-Account and drag it within this Sub-Account’s level.  We added this feature in one of our recent releases.

Deactivate Account

You shouldn’t delete historical data.  ASPEC supports Historical Contacts and Inactive Users.  We added an option to quickly mark the whole Account as inactive if there are no open IBOs or Leads under that Account.

Pay attention to the duplication check

Data quality is always a priority and a struggle.  Now ASPEC duplication search is even more robust.

Automatically assign a role

ASPEC role hierarchy supports the most complex scenarios.   Recently we added a related feature that automates the assignment of access levels.   ASPEC Administrators can assign users to multiple roles and select how their roles are inherited into new Accounts and IBOs.

Use Printouts

Print button on most forms allows the creation of a printer-friendly summary of Accounts, Contacts, IBOs and related Interactions.

Send and keep track of the internal notifications

Internal notifications can be stored under the ASPEC records, to keep the paper trail.   We added the ability to send emails to groups of users, in addition to individual recipients.

These internal notifications can be stored in ASPEC for creating a paper trail.

Use MS Word and MS Outlook add-ins

MS Word add-in pulls data from ASPEC into MS Word documents.   MS Outlook add-in pushes Emails to ASPEC and pulls Appointments and Tasks. We extended the search and filter in the Microsoft add-ins.

Selected new features in the Service module

We expanded the Service module, by adding the following features:

  • Service widgets
  • Email notifications
  • Edit History
  • Billing Expiry notifications
  • More sorting in Listviews
  • Imports, exports
  • Service reports

Selected new features in the Marketing module

Some of the new features include the following:

  • Ability to create Leads and IBOs from follow-up lists
  • Ability to import Collections
  • Mass removal of manual Collection members

NOTE: The full product development post with images will be included in our help center.